Will Indemnity Closure Form


If you decide to sell the shares, you will need your loved one`s valid share certificate. If you can`t find it, please follow our compensation letter. Please note that there may be a charge for replacing this document. Upon receipt, we will process the document and update the involvement of your loved ones within five working days with the persons appointed as legal representatives in the small estate form. We will return the original death certificate to you as soon as possible. Once you have signed the form and returned it to us, we will issue a new share certificate. Please note that there may be a fee for this service depending on the value of the shares. Once we have received the grant of representation, we will update your dependents` account with the name and address of the legal representative(s) as described in the grant of representation. To initiate the compensation procedure, please call one of our specialists on 0800 181 4702 If you cannot find the valid share certificate, you can apply for a replacement share certificate by performing an indemnification procedure. This must be signed by all designated legal representatives. Please complete the exchange form and return it to us with the valid share certificate. Once we have received and validated the transfer process, it takes up to two business days.

When this is done, we create a new account and send a new share certificate to the new shareholder. You only need your parent`s valid share certificate if you want to sell or transfer the shares. Once the form is completed, please send it to us along with the death certificate and any applicable fees. To use this simple service, please fill out a small compensation form for discounts. You can download a compensation form for small discounts. You can transfer shares from your dependant`s account in the name of one or more beneficiaries by completing a share transfer form. There is no fee for the use of this service. Below you will find more information about the fees that may be charged. These depend on: the granting of representation must be granted in the country in which the deceased shareholder of the company held shares. For example, if the company was founded in the UK, we would need representation in the UK. The country in which the deceased shareholder lived has no influence on the country in which representation is granted. This is described in our organizational chart on our “What do I need to know?” page and does not require representation.

Our small estate service may be a better fit for you if the value of your loved one`s investment is less than £20,000. If you request a performance, please send us a copy or scanned image if the bet value is less than £20,000. For stocks above this value, please send us the original document or sealed office copy as soon as it has been issued. Alternatively, legal representatives can sell the shares by contacting our specialized trading team or hiring a high street broker. Shares can be sold through a high street bank or broker. We charge a fee to cover the administrative costs associated with performing the associated tasks Once the granting of representation is registered, the appointed legal representatives may also request the reissue of outstanding dividend payments. Please note that this service may be subject to a fee. .

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